Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Intuit Your Answer!

Your back is up against the wall, you're in crisis, there seems to be no way out, you need an answer ---open your mind, intuit it! When problems press hard against the psyche, it becomes white hot. Mind opens up. Answers can come in a flash, or via an unexpected encounter, or through a rip roaring dream that provides a lit up perspective on a dark dilemma that's been plaguing us.

Intuitive understanding is a natural faculty of soul. it can be honed via awareness. The more we are aware of intuitive potential the more intuition speaks to us. Guidance comes as we are conscious of the fact that it can come. In the words of C.G. Jung, “Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.” 

Intuition flashes through mind. It comes as image on the white screen of mind. It occurs with inspiration in the moment. Dreams come of meeting up with someone we haven't seen in years. We see them that very next day. I dreamt of an old professor I hadn't seen in twenty years. The next day I saw him driving by. He was a scholar on the depth psychology of inner calm. It spoke to me loud and clear, an intuitive message regarding my need to cultivate inner calm. 

The intuitive message came because I needed an answer. I was open to one. Answers can come within the minute or within the day. Some take longer. The more we look and listen, the more intuition knows we are open to and serious about hearing what needs to be heard and seeing what needs to be seen. In the words of Jung, the message needn't be in the form of a rational explanation, not long or drawn out. It's something that hits us, strikes us as true and meaningful for us  at the time, an answer that lights up dark places of mind and clears through that which  plagues the soul!

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